Milan Fashion Week has had European handbags on our minds (which is not to say that they’re not always on our minds, because, ya know, obviously), and to satisfy that craving, we’re taking this week’s edition of The International Edit to Italy’s own Forzieri.

In case you’re not familiar with the shopping site, it’s an accessories-only destination for both premiere designer and contemporary brands, and although the emphasis is on European designers, there are also American favorites like Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler in the mix. Check out some of our favorites from the site’s latest arrivals below.

New fall arrivals are rolling in all over the globe, and that means we’ve had our eyes on some great handbags, shoes and accessories from online retailers both near and far. Whether you live outside the US or you live here and are just hoping to find a gem that might not be as readily available in America, check out our selections in this week’s International Edit. (more…)

I first came across accessories-only Italian shopping site Forzieri back in my nascent days of handbag obsession, and lately, I’ve rediscovered the great mix of products that it offers. From highly covetable megabrands like Valentino and Fendi to in-the-know European contemporary finds like Carven and Jerome Dreyfuss, Forzieri makes highly covetable handbags, shoes and accessories a little bit more accessible to shoppers all over the globe.

If you live in the US and are nervous about shopping someplace offshore, fret not; orders over $150 ship free to the US, and returns are always free. The site also offers a loyalty program that allows shoppers to earn points toward discounts on future purchases, which makes it competitive with US department stores in a way that online outposts usually aren’t. It seems like online luxury shopping becomes more robust by the second, and with its focus on accessories, Forzieri is a shopping site after our own hearts.

Below, take a look at some of our favorite pieces from the site’s current offerings, and if something strikes your fancy, you can get $100 off a $300 handbag purchase through August 10 with code 72E6BE.

PurseBlog may be New York-based, but we know we have a lot of readers whose locations reach far beyond our shores. With that in mind, we’re bringing you another edition of The International Edit, in which we scope out the newest wares at our favorite non-American online retailers. With pre-fall and fall deliveries piling up every day, there’s a ton of new stuff to check out below. (more…)

After watching two weeks of stars looking super chic and Cannes and ever-increasing talk of the upcoming World Cup, we’ve been thinking about our international readers (and our favorite international retailers). Below, check out the week’s best new arrivals at online boutiques the world over. (more…)

As spring sale season gets ready to begin and pre-fall deliveries start to trickle in, it’s time for us to again check in on what’s what at our favorite international retailers in this week’s edition of The International Edit. Non-US stores sometimes have sale and delivery schedules slightly different than those we’re used to in the States, but the more globalized the fashion industry becomes, the more things sync up. This week, we’ve spotted a few of our spring favorites that are likely to sell out soon, as well as several things that we’ll be looking forward to wearing come fall.

As you might imagine, looking at handbags for 40 hours a week can get a little bit monotonous, even for the biggest accessories fan. Whenever I feel like I need a fashionable palate cleanser or a new idea on something weird to write about, I always go to the same place: LUISAVIAROMA. Where American retail buys tend toward the staid and neutral, Italian stores like LVR err on the side of bright and edgy, often featuring smaller designers that are far less accessible in the US; aesthetically, they’re the retail equivalent of Anna Dello Russo. Today, our International Edit is all about the weird things you can find at LVR if you just do a little bit of looking.

Now that we’re back from Texas and fully re-adapted to frigid northeastern life, it’s time to get back into our normal routine. That means that I’ve recently spent some time poring over a couple of our favorite non-American retail sites for this week’s edition of The International Edit, and spring has definitely sprung overseas. Below, you’ll find the latest bags, shoes, accessories and clothes from two European retailers, The Corner and My-Wardrobe, which include several European brands that can be a little trickier to come by in the States. (American customers, fret not – these retailers ship to you as well.)

I never thought myself much of an anglophile until I got into fashion. There’s something about London that brings together luxury and innovation in such a playful way that every season, I look forward to London Fashion Week more than any other, even if the names are generally newer and the brands generally smaller. British retailers are also some of my favorites to browse, which is why we’ve selected MATCHESFASHION.COM for this week’s edition of The International Edit.

The site just released a new edition of its print magazine, featuring Lake Bell and some beautiful Oscar de la Renta pieces, and we gave MATCHESFASHION.COM a little edit of our own. Check out our favorites from the site’s most recent arrivals below or shop the whole selection via MATCHESFASHION.COM.

I don’t know what the weather is like right now for our European friends, but based on the new arrivals we found for this week’s edition of The International Edit, it should be warm and sunny over there aaaaany minute now. (Except for in Scotland. As I understand it, it is never warm and sunny there.) Today, we’ve gathered lots of spring-appropriate prints, both on bags and clothing, plus a few open-toed shoes to go along with them. Oh, and some metallic Saint Laurent sneakers, because why not? (more…)

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