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College graduations have started happening around the country (southerners: we do this stuff early), and that means that many of you might have someone in your life who’s about to venture into the world of work on wobbly deer legs for the first time, and that person might even be you.


This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and if you haven’t already, you’re going to need a gift to wow the mom in your life (and if you’re a mom, someone better be acquiring a gift to impress you).

Valentines Day Gift Guide 2015

The much-loved, much-anticipated, and much-hated Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. The transformation of Saint Valentine’s Day over many years has turned this holiday into a massive marketing monster–just pop into any store and you will be pummeled with Valentine’s Day food, drinks, gifts and date ideas.

Fashion Insiders Wish List 2014

We’ve brought you bountiful gift guides to help you shop for every single person and situation this holiday season, and I wanted to finish up by asking some of my favorite fashion insiders what’s on their wish lists this year.

Beas Holiday Wishlist

If you asked anyone in the PurseBlog offices how to describe my personal style, I’d bet money that one of the first three words they’d use is “minimal.” When it comes to clothing and accessories, I like clean lines and neutral tones, and I’m a sucker for a good structured bag.

Gucci Gift Guide

I already showed you a few of my favorite perfect Gucci gifts for the season, and today I’m sharing more–a few items from Gucci just wasn’t enough. Gucci’s designs are as elegant and stylish as ever, and even at a luxury price point, the bags feel like a strong value because of the brand’s fine materials and craftsmanship.

Kipling Gift Guide

If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, you probably had a Kipling bag at some point in your youth. The brand is famous for its lightweight nylon bags, and whether you used one to carry your books or one of the brand’s brightly printed crossbodies started your handbag collection all those years ago, the brand represents a fun point of bag nostalgia.

Gits Under 100

I just looked at the calendar and realized Christmas is only ten days away, even though Vlad and I have yet to get our Christmas tree (which is incredibly unlike us). The start of Hanukkah is tomorrow and Christmas will be here in ten sleeps, so suffice it to say this holiday season has crept up quickly.


I have a theory about people who work in fashion; there are two types of us. The first type are people for whom working in fashion only stokes their desire to shop; all of the beautiful things before them every day translate into inspiration for their own closets, and their seasonal wish lists are longer every year.

Television Fans Gift Guide

My favorite thing about fashion is that people’s choices are so telling. When you understand the social language of fashion (and, by extension, of handbags), how people choose to adorn themselves is a little window into how they see themselves, just like their favorite books or college major.

Beauty Gift Guide 2014

Beauty gifts are some of my favorites, both to receive and to shop for. During the holiday shopping season, beauty brands pull out all the stops and put together boxed sets that include some of their most popular products, often at a net discount to buyers.

Botkier Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Although the contemporary bag market is full to bursting with companies vying for your handbag dollars, it’s still somewhat difficult to find a well-priced bag that feels luxurious. That’s why we’ve been huge Botkier fans for so long; since the early 2000s, Monica Botkier has been turning out beautiful leather bags at attainable prices, all designed in New York City.

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