Goodies on Vlad's Wish List for Christmas

I am afraid you won’t find many purse-related wishes in my list. Being the nerdy tech behind the PurseBlog operation, I certainly do appreciate bags very much, but you will not see me strolling the streets carrying around an oversized tote any time soon.

This year, I have decided to divide my list into two categories. The realistic list and the not-so-realistic-but-still-would-love-to-see-it-under-the-tree list.

Thanksgiving 2009

As we lay on the couch, desperately attempting to digest every bit of delicious food we consumed throughout the day, we wanted to take a moment to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you spent the day with family and friends and enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.

♥ The PurseBlog Team


If you’re looking for a recap of the second round of The Silent Real Housewives of Atlanta vs. Andy Cohen, well, you’re SOL. The only entertaining thing that happened for the entire hour was that we accidentally found out that Dwight has had his Dwang surgically enhanced, and I almost turned off my TV and went to bed right then.

I’d like to say, first and foremost, that I have no problem with eccentricity. Particularly in fashion, the desire to be willfully different is what finds new trends and charts new territory. It’s what keeps things going. Without eccentricity, we’d all be wearing sensible shoes and toting around our belongings in canvas grocery bags. And there’s nothing fun about either of those things.


Hurry!!! Head over to Bluefly and check out the serious handbag sale they have going on! Shop around because there are some designer bags that can be yours at 65% off. Talk about an amazing deal!


Purse Blog Logo While polling shows that many are sick of social networking sites, we are still on them! I’ve always been on Facebook and have loved adding Twitter to the mix. With the addition of group pages and fan pages, we had to add both. Our facebook fan page just opened up and is growing steadily. Make sure you join us on all of our social networking ventures; it is another place to hang out and we will have exclusive giveaways for our Facebook and Twitter members!

Purse Blog

Ok, you know me, I am pretty honest with you all. If I love a bag, I tell you. If I hate a bag, I tell you. And all of that is true no matter if you agree with me or not. So here is where you can continue to express your opinion… TWEET WITH US! Many of you follow us on our Purse Blog twitter page, but there is another one you should know about and follow.

Purse Blog Twitter

PurseBlog has been on Twitter for about a month now and we are loving it! Once we figured out what was going on, we became hooked. And who wouldn’t. All of our handbag loving friends are there along with websites we love. If you are not on Twitter yet, you need to sign up! And if you are not following us yet, start following us now.

Anna CooperbergIf you are following us on Twitter you know that we have a new member helping out the Purse Blog team. Anna will be assisting and contributing to various aspects of Purse Blog over the summer.

Below you will find a bit about her and make sure to join me in welcoming her to this amazing community!

Hello everyone! I’m Anna, and I’m so excited to be interning at Purse Blog.


No need to write much right now, other than tell you about our new website!

Please welcome Bag That Style, a site devoted to celebrity handbag style. Check us out over there and make sure to check back today to hear more about our giveaways!

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