Not even going to lie, I am not emotionally involved in this Super Bowl XLV game at all. So of course it is the commercials that I look forward to. Otherwise, the only thing I can bring up is team colors. We have the Pittsburgh Steelers, whose colors are black and gold, versus the Green Bay Packers, whose colors are green and gold.

And team colors brings me to handbags that could work for either team you are rooting for. Here are my six picks for Super Bowl XLV. (more…)

Thousands of PurseBlog readers submitted their votes and now the results are in!

Balenciaga and Coach take the crown as our readers’ favorites for 2010. Honorable mentions are Chanel and Bottega Veneta, as well as Treesje and Alexander Wang, who took 4th and 5th in the premier and contemporary designer categories respectively.

Thanks to everyone who voted, we are looking forward to next year’s awards and will be following the upcoming designs of this year closely!


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The whole team at PurseBlog wishes you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday. May all your wishes come true!

On this Veterans Day, we salute the Veterans and Troops who served and still serve for our country. Welcome home…

I will leave you with a few of my favorite photographs from today’s New York City Veterans Day Parade. Enjoy! (more…)

When our contact at Rue La La emailed us two weeks ago with the exciting news that they were going to sell an astounding selection of vintage Hermes bags, we immediately knew that it was going to be a good opportunity to take a road trip to Boston and get to know the team, learn about the operation behind Rue La La and get a taste of what the event was going to have in store for us. As with the previous events, we knew that the good folks at Rue La La were not going to spare effort, cost or energy to create another exclusive private sales event that will excite their members.

The purpose of this article is to give you an intimate look at the inner workings of Rue La La and a sneak peek at the upcoming event. (more…)

As much as the entire fashion world could not stop raving about Fashion’s Night Out, its predecessor day is much more my style. Today is Fashion’s Night In, a day where you sit at your computer and shop. How is that not amazing? Then again it isn’t much different from what I do day-to-day, but that means it is perfectly in my comfort zone and I am already skilled at doing this. (more…)

While we just got home from enjoying a wonderful Memorial Day cookout with my family, Vlad and I wanted to take the time to wish all of you a Happy Memorial Day! Memorial Day is a day to remember those that have served and given their lives for their country.

Memorial Day also marks the beginning of summer! We hope you had great weather, great food, and great company while remembering all those who died while in the military service.

We hope you all spent Valentine’s Day with the people you love! For us it is all about being with our sweetie and eating lots of sweets. A very happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at PurseBlog to all of you.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day make sure you read our Tory Burch Valentine’s Day interview and enter our giveaway! You can buy my top pictured or any Tory Burch Valentine’s Day item via Tory Burch online.

This is our first Valentine’s day as a married couple. Lucky for Vlad I can be won over with flowers, food, and movies. Pretty simple, no? Valentine’s day is a huge Hallmark holiday, filled with obligatory gifts and undue stress. I think people spend more time worrying over Valentine’s Day rather than enjoying it. For me, call my corny, it is just another day to spend with the person I love.

So this year, on our first Valentine’s day as husband and wife, I would like the following things: (more…)

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