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  • ottercat

    Looks kinda cheap.

    • shueaddict

      The Green crocodile begs to differ

  • ottercat

    Looks kinda cheap.

  • ottercat

    Incense waver.

  • Sandra

    There are several that I would not consider the best of, perhaps the worst. The Celine bags are pretty awful…but Philo cannot be perfect all the time. I do love the Valentino….I found it interesting how much fringe went down the runway in Milan and Paris. I also am quite interested in the Balenciaga…I would like to see it IRL.

  • JJ

    Those are the best? Or did the lists get mixed up and some and some of the worst got mixed in? I usually love all things Celine, but even I can’t wrap my brain around some of the ridiculous messes that came down that runway! The bag pictured here looks like the front of a washing machine! The Carven looks like a bandanna that should be tied to the end of a stick! And don’t even get me started on that space capsule wannabe from Saint Laurent! Ugh! I do agree with the Miu Miu and the Lanvin – nice classic bags that are a bit of a departure from what they usually do, but the rest of them? If these are the best I’d hate to see the worst!

    • Runway bags tend to be pretty weird in a lot of cases, so we try to pick the ones that best represent coming trends and ideas that seem to be gaining favor. The non-runway bags that flesh out the rest of the collection tend to be a lot more attractive and consumer-friendly. We can only work with what we’re shown!

  • Jeloi

    they’re interesting

  • ?? ?

    chloe looks like a cute little E.T, of course, in a good way^_^

  • Love the Nina Ricci and the Lanvin!

  • klynneann

    That emerald green color sure seems popular. ..

  • Gerard Quintero

    love dior and lanvin

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