Proenza Schouler Large Python PS1

I’m going to level with you guys: it’s a slow news day. We’ve reached that mid point of July, which means that it feels as though we’re as far into summer as humanly possible, but still with no light at the end of the heat-and-humidity tunnel. As much as I love the season, my sandals and maxi dresses are starting to feel a bit boring. Fall collections are starting to trickle in to stores, but as far as new things on the horizon, the September start of New York Fashion Week seems years away. It’ll get here before we know it, of course, but until then…I’m not sure what. The fashion Internet is a vast wasteland.

During these periods, what do I go looking for? Eye candy, specifically of the exotic, wildly expensive variety. Proenza Schouler isn’t the first brand that I think of when looking for those kinds of things, but I noticed recently that the brand has stepped up its exotic game something fierce in the past year. Proenza also opened its Madison Avenue boutique on Friday, the brand’s first stand-alone store, so an exploration of the brand’s most distinctive bags seems appropriate, right? Check out our favorites after the jump or shop the brand’s full selection via

Proenza Schouler Large Python PS1, $4240 via Proenza Schouler

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  • Camilla

    always the same stuff. Boring, boring, boring.

    • Amanda Mull

      Proenza’s coming out with a new staple bag, the PS13, in the next couple of months. I can’t waaaaaait to see something new from them.

    • Alexandra Davidoff

      I find it really funny how people hate on Proenza for riding the wave of a successful/functional style (basically having a cohesive accessories aesthetic) while many still praise Chanel who puts out the same quilted leather and the same chains every season…..   

  • Dominic Leto

    August is by far the slowest news month for fashion.

  • crazybaglady

    Love the color & texture of this PS Python in pic #1!  Made my day-

  • Suz


  • gpc

    I agree with Camilla.  So over this bag, in any skin or color…

  • Ma.Aprilette Sulib

    Love this bag, looks really fab! I am planning to buy one for my birthday and match it with a pair of Shamballa Bracelets but I was not sure of the color. Now you just helped me made up my mind. Great info, thanks!

  • Bridget

    Oh wow, the PS1 in pink croc and the extra large croc in black and the PS1 Python Pochette are my picks! This design is really amazing with exotic skins..

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