Marc by Marc Jacobs Softly Zip Clutch

I was told by many of my college psychology professors that we all have a little bit of OCD in us. I am not sure if anyone else was looking at the board at that time wondering why the marker colors were not matching, writing was not in a straight line, and the desk in the front of the class was slightly to the left. Call me crazy but I get really edgy when something asymmetrical comes my way. If the asymmetrics don’t make sense to me and I yearn to see a mirror image, I literally start to twitch (ok not that bad). But even with this Marc by Marc Jacobs Softly Zip Clutch I am getting a little anal with the two front pouches not matching one another. One has a flap and a snap closure, while the other has a zip closure and a besom pocket. Pulling out hairs now. Even without my slight case of OCD for order and symmetry, this clutch seriously looks like it is winking at me. Hey, I know I look good, but not that good! Soft grained leather, aged brass hardware, paisley textile lining, and lots of inner goodies (coin pocket, two gusseted compartment, six card slots, and a billfold), make this clutch like a wallet and easy to carry necessities. Measurements are 7.5″x 4″x 1.5″. Available for those without OCD via eLuxury for $168.

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  • guru

    it is too humble and you can find the same item anywhere!

  • cathy

    I agree! I think the pockets should match, too!

  • Toya

    I dont really care for it i want a bag to make people do a double take and this bag is not do it :???:

  • Karolyn

    I really like it, it’s different it’s very nice I hope it also comes in white!

  • Kendra

    don’t like. (fb)

  • Naggy

    This is even worse than the symmetrically pocketed ones. (ipad)

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