Handbags and shoes, what a wonderful combination. And I have to say, Mr. Louboutin tends to make me a happy camper when it comes to both categories. I’ve always dreamed of owning a pair of his shoes. In fact, I usually stop and admire his shoes any time I get a chance. And his clutches, I do still find myself drooling over the Christian Louboutin Cancan Satin Clutch. Yes, his handbags and clutches will set you back a bit, but one day, I will own one of each. As for today, I find myself wishing the Christian Louboutin Nappa Laminato Envelope Clutch will be found in my stocking on Christmas morning. How gorgeous? Unlike the Cancan Satin Clutch, this one is a little more, I guess you could say, reserved. Yet, it is downright elegant. The well thought out pleats add a little spice to the clutch while also adding a sense of sophistication and fun. And of course, open the clutch to find the signature red satin lining. The more I think about it, the more this clutch seems to boast understated exquisite taste. Buy through Saks for $925.

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  • MizzJ

    Gorgeous. Simple, classic, and chic. The muted color gives it an understated glamour, and yes the pleats are so pretty! The price is definitely steep for a clutch and oh so hard to explain to anyone who isn’t as much a purse lover ;)


  • Jane

    With such a clutch I would look like a princess! A real elegant match for stilettos.And the pleats are a zest. Thanks for an interesting post.

  • selina

    Prices a bit high, but I am too fond of it, I will buy it anyway.


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