Chloe Large Leather Tote handbag

Some of you have heard that I have a new job in NYC. HOORAY!!!!! I have to learn to stop telling myself that with everything new comes a new bag, but I can’t help it. I am still in love with my Chloe Paddington. The bag is just gorgeous in my opinion. So while looking for a ‘work’ tote, I have found my way to a beautiful Chloe bag. The Chloe Large Leather Tote shows off typical Paddington features with brass chunky hardware and a padlock along with stud embellishment. The black supple leather is easy to match with any outfit and the bottom compartment of this bag is funky chic. This compartment has a silver zip fastening and C buckle fastening to store your precious goodies. For me, I have no idea what that would be, but it is really a nice separation compartment nonetheless. I have had my heart set on Chloe since the Paddington and I venture to say that I have my heart set on this tote that I definitely *need* for work. Measurements are Width 15 x Height 14 x Depth 4.5 and is available through Net-A-Porter for $1585.

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  • chickbag

    love love love this bag its adorable.

  • Karly

    im going to have to pass on this bag. it way to “busy” and that random lock on the bottom just adds to the ugliness of the bag!

  • PTS

    Have to agree with Karly. The bag looks cheap and is a bit too ‘overdone’.

  • sabrina

    oooo my goddddddddddd
    I love love this bag……..the minute I Read your blog I purchased one!!
    great bag! love chloe

  • Naggy

    This is pretty bad; I’d rather see the design elements on a reg. paddy. (ipad)

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