We were lucky enough to be able to view the Chanel Spring 2013 collection when it made its rounds in the brand’s NYC offices late last month. Chanel is always a treat, and this season really spoke to me. The bags are fun and modern, with an athletic and geometric touch. We’ve talked quite a bit about the Chanel Hula Hoop Bag but another standout from the collection is the Chanel Plexiglas Clutch.

This clutch is all about bright colors and a bold standout design that immediately grabs your attention. When I saw the bag hit the runway it reminded me of a LEGO piece, and upon seeing it again, it really looks like Chanel took a trip to the famed LEGOLAND for design inspiration. This bag is young, quirky, and fun in a way that lures me in. I find myself wanting this bag, and even loving the green version. Some may be opting for the Hula Hoop Bag, but I am all about this Plexiglas Clutch, in which fashion collides with geometry and the toy world.

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  • Just… no.

  • jess

    wonder what the inside looks like?

  • chanelboy

    jackie your poor no one cares what you think…

  • ceedee

    i want the blue one! :-)

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