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  • S

    Umm Celine should stick with its original bestsellers, the new bags…

  • Nico

    There are some pretty bags, but the one with the giant circle in the middle reminds me of a washing machine. :P

    • twoturntables

      Ha! I can here to write the exact same thing!

      • guesty

        haha, me too!!!

  • kindled

    those fringed ones would be so wonderful without the fringe

  • sohoaccessories

    Really not a fan of any of them.

  • Sandra

    I think I made a couple of those when I was 12 in art class….

  • guest

    These are ridiculous. Come ON.

  • Strictlyroses

    I like the fringe one

  • laura

    Not a fan of the new ones.

  • Silversun

    I don’t… wha… I don’t even know how one begins to carry the one with the asymmetrical 4-sided handles. And that is some serious fringe on the other one.

  • some are cute, but the 4-color mini is HORRENDOUS

  • Pursegirl

    The last reminds me of bozo the clown”…..

  • Renae

    Don’t like some of them but there are a lot I really like!

  • Duim Daley

    love the color but the fringe will be better if just had 1 in small size…

  • Love the light blue phantom that colour is even prettier than Glacier!

  • The only thing going through my mind is the question: Who will be brave (read: crazy) enough to buy them (except editors, ofc) ?I myself only like the fringed clutches, they’re edgy and can create an outfit.

  • Webaj

    Sorry…every time I think about buying another Celine I pull out the receipt for the $150 they charged ME to repair their defective handle on my one year old phantom.

  • Maya

    is that a tribute to Lego?

    • pe.riche.


  • Sarah

    The only one I like at all is the black and yellow fringed clutch. The rest…mehhhh.

  • Carla Roberts

    These are all pretty awful….

  • Shoelover313

    In the words of Charlotte from Sex and The City……. “Ick!!!!”

  • XXL

    after going thru the first few tribal looking clutches i was extremely disappointed with the collection & hoped that this is a one-time mistake phoebe had made. then i thought to myself, perhaps it could potentially be leading up to what’s to come in the next collection? i felt more at ease when i reached an image of a clutch with a fold and one blue pocket. the previous purses did seem to help build more interest in that clutch for me in some ways. still, i was scared for celine for a moment there..

  • crista

    The one with the circle looks like some sort of magic trick! I would like the foldover clutches if it weren’t for the pocket. Phantoms are kinda cute.

  • ajax

    The bags are pretty awful, in particular the last one, a luggage of red,black,yellow,red , blue..oops did I miss a color!!!??

  • Huda Allapitchay -Junior

    Hi there.. do you have any idea how much is this bag cost? I’m thinking of getting it. Thank you and have a good day!

  • I love this light blue phantom.The design and shape is lovely.


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