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  • LV_fan

    When i click on “next page” button, i was waiting for her another Louis Vuitton bag. Since she has a lot of collection :)

    • We didn’t want to over-saturate with too many of one designer, but she def loves her LV!!

  • BagAddict4Ever

    Love, love, love Jessica. I think she is beyond great, she is a smart business woman and best of all she seems so down to earth. I always noticed she had a what seems like millions bags and now seeing this it’s like wow. Girl’s got serious bag addiction and I love it.

  • She should donate some of those to me :)

  • kemilia

    She has great bags, so many designers–I love them all! She keeps it interesting for sure.

  • Guest

    Why does she have SO MANY bags? What does she do with all of her old un-used ones? I don’t know if to envy her or think of her as a bag hoarder…seems like she just likes all of them, not a particular style per se…….(not to mention her own cheapy ugly handbag design…arggg…)

  • Ebun

    LOVE her!! Can you guys please feature Hillary Duff? Everytime I see shots of her she always has on a fab bag. I think you’ll be surprised and she’ll be a nice feature.

  • The last bag is the gucci dog carrier not just a duffle

  • Purseloco

    Sweet Texas Girl!

  • kay

    pls do a “many bags” feature on dita von teese!

  • LV_fan

    Give me such a huge inspiration to be an entrepreneur, so that i can have same as her

  • good

  • Gorgeous bags! She loves the larger styles obviously… no doubt lots of things to carry around ;) She’s fabulous!

  • LabellaLuxe Boutique

    Awesome totes!

  • I’ve always loved her taste in bags — even during Newlyweds she had all the latest LVs!

  • Donate some of your bags to help me raise money for the homeless

  • kevinkim

    the last gucci is a pet carrier as well.

  • Lilly

    Loved her bag collection dating back when she was married to Nick, which imho was when she was better styled. She has so many bags, she’s overdue for a part 2, no?

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