Taylor Swift carries a green Christian Louboutin tote in West Hollywood (5)

Taylor Swift is not someone who pops up on PB very frequently, despite the fact that she does lay claim to a respectable designer bag stash. And yet, here’s Taylor leaving the gym in West Hollywood carrying a dark green Christian Louboutin Farida Tote – a bag I personally think is pretty underrated, though I definitely prefer the Farida in its multi-tone variations. You can get Taylor’s tote in black for $1,895 at Barneys.

While Taylor is always dripping in designer everything on the red carpet, in her day to day life, her look is far more low key. Many of the bags she carries aren’t designer at all, but things far more attainable for throngs of Taylor Swift fans. I don’t think that’s an accident; many of her fans are tweens and teens who are little too young to get hung up on multi-thousand dollar handbags, because they don’t “understand the value of money” (to borrow a phrase from my dear old dad.)

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