The Many Bags of Rihanna (10)

After two weeks of exploring the handbag collections of celebrities whose tastes run close to those in the fashion industry – really, does it get more on-the-nose chic than Miranda Kerr and the Olsen Twins? – we thought we’d take things in a different direction entirely and explore the accessories whims of someone who marches firmly to the beat of her own drummer. That girl, obviously, is Rihanna.

I really respect RiRi’s style, even if she just as frequently finds herself the object of the fashion press’ criticism as she does its praise. Unlike most stars her age, she has a devil-may-care attitude toward her clothing choices that often results in missteps, but they’re the sort of glorious, over-the-top missteps that hot, filthy rich, 20-something singers should be making left and right. In a world where most famous people are under the relatively conservative thumbs of a small group of stylists, Rihanna serves as a needed counterpoint. But what does she carry? We answer that for you after the jump.

We’ll start with a longtime favorite of celebs with funky personal styles – the Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel, which Rihanna paired with an all-black ensemble. You can pick up the bag for $875 via ShopBop.

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  • Clau

    I love Rihana Style!

  • Heronkady

    Wow! Love it!

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  • 19yearslater

    I find the Olson girls’ styles more interesting than Rihanna’s. 

  • pixiegirlie

    Rihanna’s style is a bit hit or miss with me sometimes I love her outfits other times I don’t like them. I do like that she has a bit of edge to how she dresses. Her bag collection is a bit eclectic but she dose seem to have a common theme when it comes to color she really loves her blue bags!

  • Bagsimpleonline

    There is just something about Rihanna’s style. Edgy yet chic.

  • EbonyLolita

    She does NO wrong in terms of Fashion. Risks where it’s needed & all kinds of 10s across the board~!PopStyle!

  • lancelbbsac

    le lancel pas cher long terme la probabilité propage rapidement avec la frontière fiable, Agréablement, La ligne de couture est OneOff et il n’est pas Overing,


    Not my style, but very interesting. I like it because it is truly her style and no one else!

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