The Many Bags of Miranda Kerr (1)

Over the past couple months, we’ve been slowly working our way through not only the best handbag collections in Hollywood, but also through our mental list of girl crushes – women for whom we feel an enthusiasm and fondness that borders on romantic. A couple of weeks ago, we checked out Megs’ biggest girl crush, Jessica Alba, and this week, we’re on to a girl crush of my very own – Miranda Kerr.

It’s not that I’m an enormous fan of her professional work – I make a concerted effort to avoid the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show every year – but instead, it’s Kerr’s personal style that makes me swoon. She’s generally regarded as a commercial model, but any time she’s photographed out and about, she always looks utterly impeccable. Beyond reproach, even. Her look is sophisticated and modern, and although she carries trendy brands, her picks from designers like Celine and Alexander wang are unexpected enough to keep me guessing. Well, except for her Yves Saint Laurent Cabas ChYc, but it’s starting to feel like those are being issued to starlets on arrival at LAX. Check out our Miranda Kerr handbag retrospective after the jump.

Of course, we start with the required Yves Saint Laurent Cabas ChYc Tote. $1990 via Neiman Marcus.

Miranda’s Celine Cabas Tote is perhaps my favorite of her bags, if only because she styles it so impeccably.

So impeccably, in fact, that I thought we needed to see it twice.

In case you doubted her commitment to Celine, Miranda also has the Celine Zipper Cabas in tonal black haircalf and leather.

Somehow, though, Miranda still manages to make even no makeup and a Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier at the airport look good. $2340 via Louis Vuitton.

Instead of being inside of her Louis Vuitton bag, something Miranda’s pup is adjacent to it, as is the case with this Louis Vuitton SC Sophia Coppola Bag. $4650 via Louis Vuitton.

Miranda also has a clear love for Prada, including this Prada Saffiano Lux Tote. $1730 via Neiman Marcus.

Also, this Prada Leather Tote.

And to round out the Prada, this Prada Daino Tote is pretty chic. $1480 via Neiman Marcus.

When Miranda isn’t carrying Prada, she’s also a big fan of sister line Miu Miu. Check out her Miu Miu Madras Crossbody Bag, for example! $1450 via Bergdorf Goodman.

This casual little Miu Miu Leather Crossbody should serve as further proof of Miranda’s love for all things Miuccia.

By now, you should be comfortable enough with Miranda’s style to know that she’s a girl who loves an occasional Balenciaga bag, like this Balenciaga Tube.

The Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag also fits nicely with her glossy version of downtown cool. $825 via Net-a-Porter.

Sometimes, though, Miranda goes ultra-girlish; could this navy romper and Chloe Marcie Crossbody be any cuter on her? $1265 via Saks.

And how cute and French does she look pairing a Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy with a striped top and narrow jeans? $815 via Louis Vuitton.

And then, of course, the crown jewel of Miranda’s collection – the grey crocodile Balenciaga Part-Time Bag, which could not be any more perfect than it already is. Yowza.

  • bryologue

    Babies do grow up so fast! Flynn looked extremely young, especially in #8! I love her Céline Zipper Cabas!

  • Brynn Snow

    Those dimples are perfectly symmetrical. and the tote is amazing as well, lol.

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  • Fashiondoesntexist

    I lvoe the croc Balenciaga tote!

  • Anonymous

    I just really like her. I don’t know why because I hate just about 99.9% of famous people.

    And I am loving the Balenciaga Tube bag!

  • Tiffany Whaley De Leon

    Love her style!

  • Tiffany Whaley De Leon

    in pic #2 I love her sunnies! Any idea who they are by?

    • Amanda Mull

      They’re Christian Dior Paname sunglasses.

  • Tiffany Whaley De Leon

    I have a Yorkie too! They are awesome!!

  • Tiffany Whaley De Leon

    Her baby is precious!!

  • Labellaluxe Boutique

    Love her fabulous handbags! They’re just the size I like!

  • NinaPapaioannou

    Love her black Balenciaga!

  • Jessy

    I love her style so much. <3

  • pixiegirlie

    I love the variety of her collection, she seems to sample a bit of everyone.

  • dontaskmetosmile

    I never really paid much attention to her style until she seemed to got photographed everyday after adorable Flynn was born. and I agree, she has impeccable style. And the thing about her style is that it’s overall wearable (unlike most of the other models’ off-duty looks) and easy to duplicate for us without the supermodel (and superstar husband) budget.

    And it has to be said again. Flynn is adorable. 

  • Ruhee

    Wow she has a veritable fortune in handbags and Flynn!!!

  • Chris

    She is indeed very likeable.  And she has great style. Even when she is relaxed, she still looks very much put together and is not running around in sweatpants and trainers. Yay to that.

  • Pearlacce

    I love Miranda ’s  Style. She’s gorgeous!

  • Amands

    She’s always so put together and chic. I love it! And that baby. Adorable.

  • 19yearslater

    I hadn’t realized how consistently chic she was. The ankle booties and red bags alone would win me over but she has loads of great stuff. No missteps here, imho. 

  • arfi

    Love her, very chic!
    I thought she models for Bally, how come none of her bags is Bally.. hmmm I wonder…

  • Ally

    she has a white handbag from jason wuu too right? what bag is it called ?

  • neuh2

    she has one of the best collection ever…so chic and refreshing too.i find it strange when celebs have one bag in all the colours available,there’s sooo many bags to choose from when you have money ;-)

  • Steffi

    She is so stylish!

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