lindsay lohan python bag
Lindsay Lohan and her python bag

I am delighted that we have not seen *much* of Lindsay Lohan after her countless problems and rehab stint. Sure we saw here in Italy with many Italian men, and here and there in the clubs drinking some grape juice with a kick, but she has been laying low (all things considered). I miss oogling her handbag collection. Love her or hate it, admit it, she has quite the amazing collection. I always wondered how the girl from The Parent Trap had one of the hottest and most extensive handbag collections that I have seen, and that is just from the paparazzi photos. Many times she wears recognizable brands, like YSL, but the new designer on the block, Rebecca Minkoff, has also been a fan of Lindsay’s when she wore the Morning After Bag. And again, Lindsay has opted for a handbag that is hard to identify but hard to miss. The black and white diamond shapes on the python skin bag jump out and catch your attention. But what bag is this? Help me out, and Name that Bag!! [image via Splash News]

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  • Marissa

    Mui Mui! :???:

  • Megs

    I thought it looked like Miu Miu :)

  • Superqueen

    It’s a Dolce & Gabbana patchwork bag.

    • Megs

      You are 100% right!!!! It keep looking Miu-Miuesque, but def is not. Thanks for the help!!

  • pursechazer

    Looks like Miu Miu to me! :grin:

  • Margarita

    Wow, I was gonna guess Miu Miu too.. never woulda thought D&G!

  • cmafgy

    yes yes yes I’m sure that it’s Dolce & Gabbana…I have saw other bags in some ads with the same patchwork… but give me the benefit of the doubt..

  • suzana

    rebecca minkoff

  • james
  • m

    D&G for SURE!!! :grin:

  • jordania

    It´s a D&G! I´ve seen them, so I´m sure.

  • lavenderlilz

    I saw something very similar at Miumiu today but it wasn’t shiney like this one.

  • gis08

    i think its D&G

  • heavenli

    isnt it miu miu

    like the ad with kirsten dunst

  • heavenli
  • ami

    miu miu!

  • Devi Girsang

    Oh it’s a Dolce. Anyway I was wondering what sunglasses she wears. Is it a Chanel?

  • Meggy

    I think it is Prada you know like nappa bags I think they are called

  • ankaoktawia

    That is Dolce and Gabbana handbag

  • Alexia

    Those sunglasses look like DvB …

  • adpvenice

    I think those suglasses are from Beryll….
    Lindsay always is pretty careful to her look and Beryll’s sunglasses are awesome!
    see for yourself:

  • Vanessa

    DG Bowler Python Bag maybe

  • Amy

    It’s Dolce and I’m a 100% sure because….I work at Dolce and Gabbana and it is python too!!Beautiful Bag About $3,600.00-$3,800.00

  • iHave3birkins=]

    u can tell its a Dolce because of the handles.

  • iHave3birkins=]

    and amy is wrong.
    its 2900

  • iHave3birkins=]

    sorry typo… but amy is wrong its
    $2995…hehe my bad

  • reija

    Hi, does anyone know what sunglasses she’s wearing??? I tried to look the collection of Beryll but couldn’t find them… Model would be nice to know, I’ve seen those so many times and it’s SO irritating not to know! I think Alba has those too..


  • nick

    it is not a dolce it is so miu miu!
    they are in this ad:,9,0

  • Angie

    It looks more like a D&G

  • stylita

    its definately the miu miu harlequin bag.

  • Kathey

    Bag looks like A miu Miu

  • mahvash

    D & G : i love it

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