Lindsay Lohan Handbag Style

Trotting around Midtown Manhattan, Lindsay Lohan has been garnering paparazzi attention per usual. But to watch her handbags change as many times as I blink my eyes per day is astounding. This gals handbag collection can go up against any diva, LiLo knows how to sport arm candy perfectly. A new bag to her collection, LiLo is sporting around a silver bag with tassel detail. It’s Friday fun day, so let’s continue playing name that bag!

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  • Shelly

    I hate these names that people give to celebs LILO, JLo is it so difficult to say Lindsey or Jennifer???

    Anyway, I love the bag. She looks great in this photo! Beautiful girl and yes, she does have a great bag collection!

  • Samantha

    Is it Zac Posen?

  • Emily

    Does anyone know where to get that jacket? Or the boots, for that matter?

  • jb

    steve madden had a pair of boots exactly like those back in fall (that fold down for a more retro look if you want). Probably not the brand she is wearing, but they look exactly the same.

  • absolutanne

    ugly butt moon boots.

  • samantha

    Celine maybe?

  • Babe

    well…I guess it is from prada!!

  • Jennifer

    It’s a chloe bag cuz there’s a lock in the middle.

  • lulu
  • Sherly

    It’s Calvin Klein Perry bag,

  • G

    It’s Celine..tried it on before..

  • mary

    the bag if from burberry.

  • df

    jacket is by chanel.

  • chris

    I have a question: Lohan has been seen carrying this very cool, chain handled bag by a designer whose name is (I think) Oona. Does anyone know more about her? I lobe that bag.

  • löu

    it’s calvin klein perry bag!

  • amanda

    it’s gucci. called the ‘indy’ bag.

  • AKSD

    Its a Gucci “indy bag”

  • Sam Ronson

    It’s a Gucci.

  • Naggy

    I like how true that black is. (ipad)

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