Bar Refaeli shopping in Beverly Hills

Bar Rafaeli, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl and star of that DISGUSTING Super Bowl commercial, was recently spotted shopping on Robertson Boulevard in LA, carrying a puffed lambskin Chanel Coco Cocoon Satchel. This bag has been retired by Chanel, but since it’s basically the designer bag equivalent of a puffy ski vest, I can’t help thinking that maybe that’s a good thing. (Though I’m certain puffy ski vests will have their day once again, and subsequently, the Cocoon Satchel will get a nice reissue.)

Of all the luxury leathers out there, I find “puffed lambskin” to be one of the most curious, mainly because it sort of sounds like the wearable biproduct of a kebab stand. But if it’s good enough for Bar Rafaeli, it’s probably good enough for the rest of us, right? (I’ll just continue to try to avoid thinking of helium-inflated baby lambs when I touch it.)

  • FashionableLena

    I remember wanting one of these. My oldest son said that it looked like it was made out of parachutes.

  • Harry

    Although it was made in Lamb, that appears to be the nylon version to me, just saying!

  • Chris

    It was made out of lamb skin??? Oh my. It looks nylon to me.

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