Some accessories are a match made in heaven, and I have found a combo that’s beyond stunning. All I want to do right now is buy both of these items and wear them all summer long, with my crisp whites as well as casual boyfriend jeans and t-shirt. This pair and all of its possibilities are precisely why I love accessories; they’re outfit-changers.

The Proenza Schouler PS11 has made its way into the handbag world as a chic staple and this Bottega Veneta Multi-color Necklace adds spunk to any outfit. This is what I call a match made in fashion heaven.

Whenever I pop into my closet I realize I don’t own a ton of bright colored clothes. This all goes back to the fact that I rely on my accessories to help my outfit stand out, and with summer at our doors, my eyes are drawn to vibrant-hued bags. I own a PS1 but I have been itching to add a PS11 to my collection. Instead of sticking with a more neutral color, I’d love to add this teal option.

I recently learned that Anna Wintour loves the Bottega Veneta Oxidized-silver Cubic Zirconia Necklaces and adds them to her enviable collection seasonally. There are more simple color options, but I love this multicolored strand, which mixes up purple, yellow, red, orange and green. Now try to tell me you aren’t dying a little over seeing these two items paired together?!

Buy this Proenza Schouler bag for $1675 via Net-A-Porter and Bottega Veneta Necklace for $2,150 via Net-A-Porter.

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  • MIles

    Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove the PS11

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    Love the bag….the necklace (considering it’s over $2,000 dollars for cubic zirconia) not so much.

  • Chris

    The handbag is  fab, and I  certainly love your styling suggestions, Megs. The necklace – beautiful but ridiculously expensive. You could probably find something similar and less pricey at Swarovski or similar brands.  

  • bryologue

    As always, I love the pop of color(s)! 

  • Jennimer

    I have a gorgeous Sorrelli necklace that makes me very happy because it’s just so colorful…it’s a less expensive option for the masses (like me). Amazon has a nice selection…

  • 19yearslater

    They’d be very pretty together. I’d wear them with color, I think picking one or two of the jewel tones from the necklace would really be a standout. 

  • jeane91

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