My love of Balenciaga continues to grow and I often find myself wondering why is it that I literally do not own one Balenciaga bag? I know, it is some sort of travesty that I do not own a Balenciaga bag. My collection is vast and covers many designers, but for an amount of time I could not see the craze behind the bags. When the giant hardware was added, Balenciaga got me right in the heart. As a self-proclaimed clutch lover, the Balenciaga Arena Giant Envelope is a stunning funky and edgy clutch. Designed with the signature lambskin, the wrinkled flap front with a magnetic closure offers a fun take on a fold over clutch. There is a zipper pocket and silver-toned hardware. I love this clutch and if I could figure out exactly what color to buy, I would (of course if in my small allotted bag budget for the year). Measurements are 7″ x 12″ x 1.75″. Buy through Barneys for $995.

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    love it!!
    wish i could afford it

  • Kate

    I wish this clutch came with an removable strap…so important for not losing bags in cabs!

  • Chelsa

    I need to own this!

  • Madeline

    Does this clutch come in patent black?

  • Kendra

    meh, blah. (fb)

  • Nadia

    I love this clutch and i actually own one! Mine is in brown and I LOVE it!!

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