Alexander Wang Fall 2013 10

At an Alexander Wang show, there’s always the accessory. In the past, it’s been things as varied as leather handkerchiefs and clutches shaped like old, deflated footballs, and this year, at the Alexander Wang Fall 2013 show, it was fur boxing gloves. Can you carry a handbag and wear fur boxing gloves simultaneously? That’s for magazine stylists to decide over the next few months, I suppose.

As we all know, Wang is set to make the leap to Balenciaga this season, and this collection, his most mature yet, seemed to be an effort to make a statement that he’s ready for the task. And who knows, maybe he is. The accordion-like handbags that went down the runway had an interesting, outsized take on structure that wouldn’t be out of place on a Nicholas Ghesquiere runway, even though they pose the same functional issues that many of Ghesquiere’s Balenciaga runway bags also caused. As chic and spare as rigid slate haircalf looks on this shape, how do you carry it in real life? (The answer, of course, is probably “with a shoulder strap that’s been excluded from the runway version.”)

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  • Sue

    Well, the D-rings are there, ready for the strap-on, but I’ll bet this stands up as nicely as my shower caddy it sort of resembles… I actually like the bag and think it might be very functional, but, yeah, I’m going to pass on the boxing gloves…

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