Chloe Dune Ballerina Slipper

For many people bags and shoes go hand in hand. For me shoes are a new found love. While I was growing up, both in age and height, I began to feel a bit uncomfortable about my height. I finally stopped growing when I reached 5’10 and around that time I also finally began to embrace and love my height. Just because I can’t always wear huge heels (they would make me taller than most), doesn’t mean I can’t obsess over cute flats. I am on my quest for the cutest flats of the season, so give me your input. Today I ran into the Chloe Dune Ballerina Slipper. Yes, like I said before, I am obsessed with Chloe. These ballerina slippers are made of a dune colored satin and show off feminine front straps with ties. The big clincher for me is the flat heel. Now, I am falling for Chloe shoes. Anyone else think this could be a perfect shoe for spring/summer? Available via Bergdorf Goodman for $490.

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  • Just a Guy

    My honest opion on these shoe is. 1 they are ugly made so by that floppy tie whatever thing, and 2 grossly OVER priced. And to be very frank about it, they look like after they have been worn for a few weeks, I bet they would look like crap. But then what do I know, I am just a guy. But if you have more money then brains, then by all means buy them. If my wife would, I would put her over my knee and I do not think she would be sitting down for the next few hours after I am done with her.

  • M Brooks

    Hello out there,

    I absolutely love these ballerina Slippers / flats but I can not find them anywhere. Does anyone know where to get them? All of the stores linked do not list them.

    Kind regards for a miracle!

  • A girl

    Just a guy: “Just” seems very becoming. Let’s all hope that YOU have more money than brains. At least then your wife would have some sort of excuse ;)

    As for the shoes, they’re really cute, but perhaps not in this particular colour.

  • Naggy

    It’s just got that look of Alexander Wang mixed with Lanvin in the second half of the shoe. (ipad)

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