The Best Accessories of Spring 2013

Recently, we’ve talked about both the best ways to carry a clear bag and how to organize your belongings in a big bag, so it only seemed appropriate that we get down to the nitty-gritty of both of these subjects eventually. PurseBloggers, today is that day – we’ve scoured the Internet for the coolest small accessories, from sunglasses to iPad cases, and we’ve assembled them for easy judgment.

When we chose these pieces, we kept in mind that not only will they be seen when you remove them from your bag, but if you hop on the clear bag bandwagon, they might also be seen just any ol’ time. That means that no plain leather is allowed, but prints, appliques and visages of Karl Lagerfeld are all encouraged. Check out our selection below.

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  • Amanda

    That Gucci lady bug is adorable.

  • fuchsiafury

    What a standout the PS1 iPad case is! But since small accessories are tethered to function more than fantasy, the price tag is unreasonable. A Prada iPad case creates a dent in the wallet half the size of the PS1.

    Pricing for small accessories is all over the map!


    I love this post! the bright color and unique designs are the ones that always stand out to me

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