Shiny Bags

The holidays are great for so many and varied reasons. The food (unless you’re on a diet), the family time (unless your relatives are crazypants), the fun holiday cocktails (unless you’re in AA) – it’s all so fun! (Maybe.) Of course, around here, we know at least one thing about the holiday’s that’s fun without caveat or exception: the sparkly little handbags that you get to carry to holiday parties from now until New Year’s.

Little bit bags not your thing, or just don’t want to spend huge money on them? We’ve included both a couple reasonably priced holiday clutches, along with a few metallic leather day bags that let you get in on the holiday spirit without committing to something that might not fit your phone and your keys at the same time. Check out our full selection below.

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  • Laura

    I LOVE the Jason Wu clutch!!!

    • Eli

      Me too!!!

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