Louis Vuitton‘s Marc Jacobs commemorates the late fashion designer and artist Stephen Sprouse with this Tribute Collection, which is new for 2009 and will be sold shortly after a book on Sprouse’s life hits the bookshelves in January.

With New Year’s Eve quickly approaching I keep thinking about what wonderful clutch I am going to carry that night. For me, the kind of New Year’s Eve handbag I will carry is a no brainer – a clutch, obviously.

What came first, the chicken or the egg? It is no shock to anyone out there that designs (especially when it comes to fashion and handbags) are replicated. Sometimes on purpose and sometimes not. But, I have to say, I can’t help but wonder when I come across a bag that reminds me of something similar if there is any relation.

Color, color and more color. Although I usually stray away from handbags with a variety of bright colors, I think this handbag might have changed my mind just a bit. As I came across the Jimmy Choo Celeste Rainbow Clutch I found myself imagining carrying it around while bringing in the New Year.

We don’t talk a lot about Coach handbags on this blog, and maybe that’s an oversight on our part. What better way to start correcting it, then, than by talking about the line of bags named after yours truly (ok, well, they’re not necessarily named after me.

Before writing this I realize that I may give you all the impression that Vlad and I are nothing other than bumps on logs. Not the case, but I am well aware that it may come off that way.

Just a quick FYI for those who care and those who love the Chloe Paraty Bag! It popped up last week on NAP UK and this week on NAP USA. Seems to be sold out already.

So, I realize I just wrote about a tote gone wrong. As soon as I turned around I found myself pleasantly surprised with a tote gone right, the Carlos Falchi Velours Suede East West Tote. I will start off by saying I have two issues with the handbag.

Sometimes I really think that designers make some handbags just because they need to have a tote, a satchel or another design. This is how I feel about the See by Chloe Small Tote. There is simply nothing special about this handbag whatsoever.

Isn’t it funny how things from your childhood are ingrained in your memory? When I came across the Anya Hindmarch Viola Wicker Clutch, I instantly remembered a chair with a wicker base my parents had in their house.