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Gotta love news like this:

It was a crime of fashion, and a lot more serious than wearing white after Labor Day.

Seguin police were suspicious when the driver of a cargo van that crashed Monday on Interstate 10 started acting nervous when they asked about all those boxes with Chinese writing.

While Ms PurseBlog Herself is trying to stay dry from Ernesto down in Florida, I would like to share something with you guys that certainly made my day. I never really thought that Jessica Simpson was particularly hot, her “smarts” surely didn’t help me find her more attractive.

Have you ever wondered who was responsible for popularizing skirts on men? The answer to this question is not really all that shocking. Jean Paul Gaultier is known for edgy street chic designs and his out-of-the-box style.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. To start of the week fresh, I would like to share some Vuitton’ish eye candy gone awfully wrong. A truely sharp thorn in each LV lover’s eye.

I can’t imagine what boss would ask her employee to ruin a perfectly good Speedy.

If any of you have been wondering why I have been not around much lately, it is because I have been moving. Seriously, moving so much is a pain in the rear. After a wonderful summer in NYC, I packed up and moved back to the Mid West.

It appears like we had some troubles with our RSS feed in the past weeks, without us noticing. I think it’s been fixed, feel free to feed your readers again! ;)

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I always wonder what it takes to have an accessory named after you. I need the specifics. Could I buy my way in, do I need to sing, should I dress like a hobo, should I be able to play the piano with my toes?

Just 10 years ago the married couple, Kate and Jack, made their last name a household name; Spade. The Jack Spade approach offers men items that represent both honest, thoughtful design and practical purpose. For functionality the men of today need a messenger bag.