DKNY Lambskin Eyelet ShopperIf I have learned one thing in the past months that I’ve been involved in this handbag craze, then it’s that women love studded bags. To me personally, I prefer my leather plain and smooth, and not penetrated by metal studs that give bags the badass look.

Good Morning Morning Handbags

I’ve fiddled around with our Babette a little, who happened to be covered by our bags at lower screen resolutions and didn’t get to expose herself properly in all her glamorous beauty! Hence, I’ve moved her to the top – she won’t mind I think.

Marine Shell Embroidered Canvas ToteAlthough I can’t always pull off the Anthropology/Urban Outfitter look, I love that earthy flowery feel. The skirts are gorgeous and the outfits are so simply put together yet so gorgeous and flowing. So why not have a cute bag to go with that feel, especially for spring and summer.

I’ve always been the little girl who loved army print. My brother had an entire Army outfit, from boots to hat, and would run around the house chasing me and ultimately putting me in prison. That sucked.

Vivienne Westwood Logo ScottishWhy I love StyleDrops: they give amazingly awesome background information about the designers they feature. As much as I’d like to believe that I’m one heck of a writer, I’m gonna leave it to the StyleDrops authors to tell you all a little about Vivienne Westwood.

Hate is such a strong word. So I am feeling the need to redeem myself. Don’t think I am being an Indian-giver, because I really do not like Fendi, logo print that is. So here comes my redemption.

Lilly Pulitzer Bermuda BagThe beach means summer. Crabs are found at the beach. So crabs mean summer. Right? Sometimes a not so big bag is just as fun and necessary for fun in the sun. Lilly has made what I find to be the perfect beach prep small bag, small as in it can fit a cell phone, lipstick, small wallet, and your car keys.

Luella Carmen Biker BagIf many of you women are like myself, you have always had that part of you that wants to be a baddass hot motorcycle chick. Maybe it is just me. But you know the Angelina Jolie type, the badass who “doesn’t care”, who is always seen as desirable and super-hot?

Sogni Darte HandbagSometimes it is nice to see a designer spice up the world of purses and handbags. Luckily a Southern Italian woman decided to add total creativity and life to her new line of bags made in Italy.

Fendi Vanity BagI simply cannot make myself write about it. I hate Fendi!!” That was Megs’ reaction when I suggested the Fendi Vanity for today. What a bold statement. According to the Lady, they look hideous and are overpriced.