Valentino’s handbags are notorious for their use of literal flora – flowers and leaves of every variety have dotted the brand’s bags for several years running, to the near-exclusion of any other aesthetic ideas. The motif works for Valentino, and the brand has carved itself a significant, ladylike niche in a very competitive handbag market.

What Valentino has never used on a bag before, at least to my knowledge, is literal fauna, which is what we have with the Valentino Bird Clutch. A rather run-of-the-mill silk evening bag is topped by perching crystal birds; if this is the direction of Valentino’s evening accessories, then the brand might just end up giving Judith Leiber a run for its bird-bag money.

With Valentino’s penchant for fine details and intricacy, the brand seems like the perfect place to look for ultraluxe clutches. But yet, it’s not – Valentino’s nighttime options tend to be streamlined and structured instead of glitzy and complicated. That’s not a bad thing, but the utterly fabulous bird closure atop this relatively boring bag shows us that the company is capable of much more. I hope we get to see it eventually. Buy through Colette for $2963.

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  • [coco]

    ah! this is just incredible. truly a work of art!
    love love lovvveeeeeee!

  • Jacqueline Suzanne

    I absolutely love this bag!!! Stunning!!!

  • Shannon

    WOW! I would love to add this to my collection. Absolutely gorgeous.

  • heather

    absolutely stunning

  • Sonya

    Beautiful!!! This bag is just waiting to be in the arms of all purse blog viewers!!!!!!

  • Lorie

    I’d pay just to stand next to that bag. Divine!

  • Stacy

    I agree with every one of the oohh’s, aahhh’s & wow’s. I just couldn’t bring myself to use it though. The oil, dirt and grime from touchy feely hands (mainly mine) would ruin this bag, better to view it whilst it is safe sitting behind a glass door in my curio. Now all I need is the money for the bag and the curio. :)

  • James


  • Hect

    I love it’s very Marie Antoinette beautiful complicated perfection .

  • Jen

    That’s lovely. Wouldn’t that be wonderful as a bridal purse!

  • moi

    Orgasmic delight.

  • Staci

    Amanda, I’m thinking about carrying this beautiful bag on my wedding day in place of a bouquet!

  • Chris

    This handbag is a work of art. BEAUTIFUL.
    And so much nicer than the often overloaded Judith Leiber handbags. JMHO of course.

  • edoardo

    So elegant and chic… This bag could represent the essence of Valentino’s aestethic and of his vision of fashion!!


  • Amy

    love at first site! its just elegant to look at.

  • Amy

    sorry, typo, sight*

  • Nola

    Absolutely love it!

    And I disagree that the bottom part is boring. it’s classic. Anything else would distract from the bird closure.

  • Babe Phat

    this bag i ill buy no matter whats the price!

  • Stylista

    I look at that bag and I see something fit for royalty. Absolutely stunning. This is why I love Valentino.

  • Maggie

    Wow! Love this one! Especially love the crystal birds detail! (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    the encrusted bird, rocks!
    but the feathers.. hmm.. worries me that it might plucked out! Doesn’t look that securely attached to me! (ipad)

  • helen

    I could stare at those birds all night. (ipad)

  • rinky jagdale

    luuuved the bag ..its a beautiul piece ……would luv to buy it ……

  • Victoria

    Would you know if there are any more of the Valentino handbags with the birds available anywhere – even at an outlet store?

    Please advise. Thanks. Victoria

  • bluelly

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