The Best 15 Quiet-Luxury Handbags For Fall

One of 2023's buzziest terms is here to stay...


Like it or not, one of 2023’s biggest trends shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.

Yes, I’m talking about the move towards more minimalist pieces that possess a quiet elegance and don’t scream luxury but rather whisper it.

The idea behind quiet luxury actually makes a lot of sense. In the simplest of terms, quiet luxury is a more intentional, understated approach to dressing that can transcend years and trends.

How Do We Define Quiet-Luxury?

Further identified by clean, minimalist shapes and silhouettes, when it comes to handbags, the quiet luxury trend continues to drive demand for brands like Bottega Veneta, Loewe, The Row, and Celine, plus newer favorites like Khaite and Savette.

In the past few months, we’ve seen celebrities, in particular, moving towards neutral bags as the trend toward quieter pieces thrives. As fall forges on and winter looms, we rounded up the 15 best bags of our quiet luxury dreams.

Our Quiet-Luxe Picks

Jil Sander Goji Bamboo Bag

Gucci Horsebit Slim Shoulder Bag

Loewe Cropped Puzzle Fold Bag

Savette Shoulder Bag

Celine Large Romy Bag

Ralph Laurent Polo ID

Objets Daso Bucket Bag

Savette Tondo Suede Bag

Chloe Penelope Bag

Chloé Penelope Bag
via Moda Operandi

Khaite Elena Bag

Toteme Textured Bucket Bag

The Row Half Moon Bag

The Row Half Moon Bag
via Moda Operandi

Bottega Veneta Bauletto Bag

Loro Piana Happy Day Bag

Saint Laurent Manhattan Bag


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  1. Mila Avatar

    I love the Jil Sander one 🙂

  2. Terri Avatar

    Gucci Horsebit Slim Shoulder Bag is *swoon*

    1. Jaime Avatar

      same….I looked at that picture for a good 30 seconds. Its a strong possible purchase.

      1. Sandy Avatar

        I checked the Gucci bag out on the website, when they say slim they are not kidding. It does look like there is a small accordion effect so it would expand to give a bit more room. I love this bag too!

    2. Lori Avatar

      Not a Gucci fan normally, as its always a bit over the top for me, but that bag is perfection.

  3. Grace Avatar

    That Loro Piana bag is seriously droolworthy. If only I had a spare 4K lying around 🤔