In its new Winter 2017 lookbook, Céline doesn’t beat around the bush on the primary feature of one of its newest bag: the Big Bag is, well, big. And in naming it so, the brand seems to have acknowledged what we predicted a year and a half ago: the trend pendulum has swung from micro-mini bags to their oversized counterparts. Back then, we thought that was a good thing. Now, we’re a little more dubious.

When it comes to bags, functionality should be king. What’s the point of a gorgeous, impeccably made purse if it’s a pain to carry or get into? And at a certain point, doesn’t having the ability to carry everything you own in a bag tip into non-functional territory?

Once upon a time, I was a big bag addict, and until recently, I was ready to go directly back to that way of life. That’s until I started going through my bag storage to get ready to move, though. The more I tried out my beloved big bags of the past, the more they seemed kind of cumbersome, even without anything in them. And filling a big bag is always so tempting; if there’s more space, why clean anything out? Why edit down my belongings while I’m rushing around in the morning if I can just throw a couple more things on top of them?

What I’ve found is that the need to edit is actually a welcome thing in my accessories life; when I choose to carry something big, I usually end up switching back to the smallest bag possible as soon as I get back home. For errands or weekends, I don’t need anything more than my keys, wallet, sunglasses and phone, so why would I choose to lug all that extra bag real estate with only four things bobbing around in the bottom or give myself the opportunity to haul a bunch of stuff I won’t actually use?

For people who need to carry laptops or files, or those who want a purse to double as their baby bag, the big bag resurgence is undoubtedly positive. For the rest of us, if you’re anything like me, they might end up just being an unnecessary temptation you end up not enjoying.

Which one are you? Let us know in the comments.

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