Sale season is starting to wind down, but if you’re willing to look hard, there are still some great pieces to be had. The small accessories treasure trove is especially plentiful this time of year; during the milieu if discounts and bargains and coupon codes, most people look for big items like bags or shoes or coats. If you’re so inclined, a new wallet or cosmetic bag can likely be yours right now for far under retail.

I’ve done some looking, and by far my favorite deal in small leather goods right now are the Valextra International Passport Holders. Even though the brand is known for being a little bit pricey (above and beyond the normal price levels for this industry), at more than 50% off via Barneys, I can assure you that you’ll never misplace your passport again.

The original retail price on these cutout leather sheaths was $300, which I honestly don’t find all that obscene. Plenty of brands will charge you that much for a similar piece covered in logos or made out of canvas, so a bright, cheerful alternative with a cute design and real leather doesn’t seem all that terrible, in the broad scheme of luxury prices. That being said, $119 is even better, which is what these covers have been marked down to with Barneys’ latest reductions. If you consider yourself a jetsetter, you have to pick one up. Buy through the South American, Australian or UK versions through Barneys for $119.

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  • Vibri Wulandari

    Juicy colors! LOVE!

  • 19yearslater

    I would love the UK version.

  • rose60610

    I’ve always enjoyed perusing Valextra at Barneys. I’m not crazy on the passport cover, though.

  • Bagolicious

    I think they’re really cute. Last year I nearly bought one with the continent of Africa on it. But, the color was partially white which would get really dirty. Now, the different ones are made of a new group of colors.

  • J Umm

    an interesting idea

  • Samantha

    What about a US or North America one?

  • rara

    I saw the Australian passport holder on sale two weeks ago and bought it online straight away. I have been eyeing it for ages, and couldn’t believe the discount on Valextra. I have been reading about how amazing Valextra is with the quality, and when I received it from Saks last week, I was so unbelievably disappointed by the quality of the stiching both around the Australian cut-out and around the edge. The cotton actually had come out in one place. I was able to push it back in with a fine wire, so you couldn’t see it, but I don’t expect that from leathergoods that cost $30, let alone $300 full price. I spent 1 hour painstakingly dabbing dry-clear glue on each stitch, and now those threads aren’t going anywhere (I don’t overly care about the warranty anymore). The LAST time I even think about buying Valextra! (Although its so cute I don’t regret buying it).