Anya Hindmarch Elrod Large Leather Handbag

Black is said to be slimming, so does that make white fattening? Ok, that was sarcastic but I know white is quite a bit harder to pull off than black. Outfit wise, stick to black if you are at all unsure of a white ensemble. Instead, chose to accessorize with white which undoubtedly will not make your hand look like it needs to hit the gym. White is perfect for winter and an everyday tote such as the Anya Hindmarch Elrod Large Leather Handbag adds clean appeal with quirky details. This handbag is made with white leather and stands out because of its single shoulder strap that is attached with large hooks on either end. These hooks do not make a full 360 degree closure, rather form a C-shape with large round closures. A zip fastening pocket on the back, AH on the front, and brown stitched trim, finishes off this tote. Modern, clean, and sleek defines this bag and defines a style that keeps your mind un-cluttered in our already hectic lives. Via Net-A-Porter for $975 (yeah under 4 digits!!)


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