Awards season always puts clutches on our mind, and when it comes to selecting a little evening bag, we always have the same problem: wedging a phone into a box clutch in a way that also accommodates our keys, wallet and lipstick. Getting my phone in there at all is difficult, especially when it has a case on it (naked iPhones make me nervous), but accessing it throughout the evening without upsetting the delicate balance of my bag’s contents is well nigh impossible. The Kotur #Getsmartbag Elaphe Minaudiere has come up with at least one way to solve that problem: clip the phone to the outside of the bag. Ok then.

At first I was nervous that this placement would encourage screen-scratching, but let’s face it: my phone is out all the time, colliding with tabletops and bars and the edges of dinner plates and all kinds of other things, not to mention the contents of my bag that it has to contend with on the regular. Especially when flipped around, this doesn’t seem any riskier, and checking Twitter or answering a text would be pretty easy. For photos, the case part of the bag flips away from the body (it’s generally secured with a magnet), allowing you to expose the lens. I’ve thought through it a couple of times, and I haven’t been able to ascertain any obvious design flaws, which is fairly impressive when you consider that the designers were trying to find a way to solve a persistent handbag functionality problem that few others have tackled.

The most noticeable limitation, of course, is that the bag will only fit an iPhone 5, 5C or 5S, but if you’re in the market for an expensive clutch, then you’re probably more likely than average to have the most updated version of the world’s most fashionable phone. Android users are out of luck, but y’all are probably used to that feeling, right? (I say that in commiseration as a former Android user. Back in my day, we didn’t even have Instagram.) Buy through Net-a-Porter for $400.

Kotur Getsmartphone Clutch Rear Kotur Getsmartphone Clutch Front
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9 years ago

Genius. Unfortunately I am an Android user

9 years ago

I too remember the days of no Instagram on android 🙂

GG Pastel