Treesje Poppy HoboFall handbags are in full swing and I am in heaven. For those of you who live in places that actually get all four seasons of the year, are you having a cooler week? I continuously get emails, calls and texts from friends who are saying how crisp the air has felt this week. I shouldn’t complain, San Diego weather is fabulous, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit envious. Fall might be my all time favorite time of the year and I need a scrumptious handbag to carry during these months!

Treesje Poppy Hobo

The Treesje Poppy Hobo knows how to make me happy. First off, the size of the bag is perfect when I think of the Fall. It is large enough to carry everything I usually tote as well as stuffing my favorite scarf into if I get too hot. Terra cotta lightly glazed leather is textured and touchable. Yet what intrigues me the most is the hardware; I love it. Polished gold hardware can be found on the bag. I only wish I could figure out a better way to describe the embellishments along the front of the bag. I just don’t know what to call them. Do you? No matter what they are called, they are gorgeous and different. I am a huge fan of this bag. Buy through Luna Boston for $595.

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