Just because I already found my perfect mini crossbody bag doesn’t mean I can’t keep looking. I mean, maybe I need more than one? Perhaps I need a more traditional look to use when my edgy minibag doesn’t quite fit my outfit. Yes, that sounds about right.

If I had to pick one today, my choice would undoubtedly be the Tory Burch Louisa Crossbody Bag. Let’s be clear, though – this bag is not quite as “mini” as some of my other favorites have been, but if you carry more than a cell phone and your keys with you every day, this might be the perfect size for you. Plus, it coverts into a larger messenger bag, depending on what you need to carry!

I can’t help but love the details on this bag. Not only do the rings on the corners of the front flap allow you to increase the size of your bag when you’re carrying more, but I love the inclusion of a tassel. My favorite part, though, is the modernist take on a chain-and-leather strap. This one looks like it would lie flat against your shoulder instead of digging in like many chain straps tend to do, and that’s a modernization that we can all appreciate. Buy through Nordstrom for $395.

Sweet Summertime

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