I had heard that with the advent of her new, higher-priced line for Saks, the prices of Rebecca Minkoff‘s regular line would see a bit of a decrease. Because I’m always dubious at the promise of falling prices, I figured I’d believe it when I saw it.

Well, I might be seeing it right now, and I like what I see. The Rebecca Minkoff Double Buckle Mini Bag is, first of all, not all that mini. It’s a good size and shape, plus it’s on-trend and has nice details. If I had to guess, I’d guess that Minkoff would have priced a bag like this at $395, since that seems to be in line with the pricing of some of her more elaborate crossbody bags of a similar size. But that guess would be wrong.

In reality, this bag is $295, some 25% less than my original estimate. I’m still waiting for prices on current designs to drop to call it a fact, but it does indeed look like Minkoff’s original line is getting a bit less expensive in order to make way for her pricier collaboration with Saks. If you already have spent a lot of money on her bags, you might not think this is necessarily a good thing, but it definitely is for anyone looking to buy their first.

And, of course, I think this would be a perfectly serviceable choice, if you’re considering buying in to the brand. I love that the chain strap is interrupted by a piece of leather where it’ll hang on the shoulder, which maximizes comfort, and I like the slightly art deco feel of the front buckles. If this is indicative of the lower-priced bags that Minkoff will continue making after her Saks venture, then I’m optimistic. Buy through ShopBop for $295.

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  • Proenza

    Love those Alexander Wang straps….

  • Karin bag4bag

    Nice features on this little bag! Like the ‘art deco’ buckles as you decribe them, and they are so shiny ! Love the grey color !