The more I see from Olivia Harris, the more I like the brand, designed by Joy Gryson. The leather looks fabulous and on most bags, including the Olivia Harris Studded Ball Hobo, it’s lambskin. And in case you’re not aware, that means it almost certainly IS fabulous in real life.

Not only that, but it also appears to be functional and a little bit funky. Ladies, I’m intrigued. They’ve got my attention. My interest is piqued. I was going to try and think of a few more ways to say that, but I’m fresh out, so just click the little linky-poo, will ya?

Olivia Harris Studded Ball Hobo

And here it is, in all its glory. The chain and studs give the bag a bit of flair, but they’re on a small enough scale to not be overly trendy or to limit the bag’s audience. A single shoulder strap and large exterior pockets ensure that the bag doesn’t consider fashion over function, and the great leather choice keeps it luxe-looking. Sign me up. Buy through Saks for $495.

Eye Candy from Christie's

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