MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Clutch

If there’s something that I consistently love, it’s a big metallic clutch. Clutches are reasonably priced and therefore less guilt-inducing to buy, and a metallic clutch in particular is glamorous and versatile in a way that precious few other fashion items are – I would equate them to a really great pair of sexy black patent heels. Mix ’em, match ’em, they’re always in style as long as you wear them with confidence. And with a clutch as cute as the MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Clutch, there’s no reason not own your look.

The clutch itself is pretty standard, but the texturized leather, combined with the metallic finish, makes it a bit special. If you’re looking for a great holiday clutch that can match with a variety of colors, something like this would be a great bet. It also comes in a brassy gold color, if that’s more your style, but I prefer the versatility of silver for holiday and New Year’s Eve parties. Buy through Nordstrom for $198.

Sweet Summertime

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