Ever have one of those awful moments where you realize that you really like something that incorporates a trend to which you had formerly been completely and utterly opposed? I’m having one of those over the Marc by Marc Jacobs Slouchy Perforated Hobo, and let me tell you – at least you all don’t have to publicly eat your words over it.

Which is exactly what I plan to do – it looks like it actually is possible to make a bag that’s (partially) perforated that doesn’t look completely like a basketball jersey. Color me surprised.

The reason that this use of perforation is successful is that the fine people at Marc by Marc Jacobs used the trendy material in a subtle way. Instead of overshooting by using it for the entire bag, the material merely appears as an inset, surrounded by lush, creamy leather that’s soft enough to make the perforations look less…athletic.

On top of that, the bag is finished beautifully with shiny silver hinge-like strap attachments and tassels that aren’t long enough to be annoying or easy snagged. Combine that with the draping and a touch of perforated texture, and you’ve got a chic, understated bag to wear all spring and summer. Buy through Nordstrom for $498.

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