I’ve been infatuated with Lockheart bags ever since I saw on in person a few months ago. The Candice Hobo was in our office and I loved so much about it. More than anything, I loved the way the cutouts looked all over the bag. This is the kind of detailing that has to be strategic so that it doesn’t appear sloppy. Lockheart definitely nailed the look. Today, I have another bag where the detailing could certainly be hit or miss depending on how it is executed.

Lockheart Feeling Loopy Michelle Satchel
The best word I can use to describe the Lockheart Feeling Loopy Michelle Satchel is textured. Although at first glance it could look like there is too much going on, but I would have to disagree. Each detail plays off of one another resulting in a lovely, warm and touchable bag. Gorgeous purple leather is detailed with woven panels, whipstitched edges and braided handles. This is definitely the kind of bag I would imagine someone like Kate Hudson or Eva Longoria carrying. Using those two celebs as an example you can see how versatile the bag is. Buy through Nordstrom for $595.

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  • Jane

    I have craved this bag for months.

  • Gwen Coronado

    Eva Longoria and Kate and Kate Hudson are so gorgeous. They deserve to wear nothing but LOCKHEART handbags.

  • Aliza

    As always, Lockheart has gone above & beyond. All of their bags are what I would describe as “touchable”. I know you used the word as well, but they truely are. Not only do they look amazing, but they are amazing to touch! I want this bag!!!

  • Jacki

    Great bag—amazing workmanship—feels like butter and is so luxe on the inside and out!
    Got to have this one….love those Lockheart gals Jen and Trang! They are pure genius!

  • Joan G

    There are handbags and then their are HANDBAGS! this is the later. I love basics but not when it comes to handbags, Lockheart is my statement accessory. This bag delivers – luxe color, soft as butter, texture and function, which is essential. Great color did I mention that! Love it! Send it! it’s a wrap…

  • Jennifer

    I just bought this bag and am getting stopped wherever I go.
    I am a die-hard Lockheart fan.
    This bag is classy and gorgeous!

  • Lisa

    I think it looks like Bottega…but not $2000+! Tons of detailing for that price. I like it in the more basic tan color…the detail really shows.

  • Duff

    I must tell you! Just looking at this bag in a picture probably doesn’t even do it justice…I am impressed every time I see a Lockheart bag and the quality of detail on it. I ran into another woman last week and I asked her if her bag was a Lockheart! Of course it was! GORGEOUS!!!!

  • Laura

    I have been thinking it may be time for a purple bag… This one is amazing, I can’t believe it has so many intricate details, the price is amazing for all you get. This is for sure going on my wish list!

  • Nicole

    I have this bag from a few seasons back only without all the details. The Michelle is the most versatile shape ever so easy to carry, fits all your stuff, but not too big. I will definitely be going to Nordstroms to pick this one up this weekend. I’m in love all over again! When you buy a Lockheart you know you’re getting a bag you’ll be able to wear for years.

  • Libby K

    Love, Love, covet and more love! Once again, Lockheart nailed it. There is nothing else out there like it. I bought my first Lockheart last year and it is a purchase I know I will never grow tired of. This bag is a statement and a masterpiece. Dear Santa…can’t wait…. please buy for me for Columbus Day….

  • Janet

    I think I saw this purse at Nordstroms. It was calling my name!

  • Esther

    I love this purse. It’s gorgeous! I would love to have one.

  • Laika

    I love, love, love the details on this bag! It’s just so classic.

  • jennifer

    I have the Michelle in patent leather from last year! It is the best, lightest and most comfortable bag I have ever worn. I just bought the Blankety Blank sky tote at Nordstrom’s, and I loved the mini book they put inside the zip pocket. What a surprise it was to find it. There are so many bags from the book that I hope I can find!

  • Amy

    Ohh wow.. I bet this bag is super soft. The straps are pretty unique the texture is awesome. I am always impressed by Lockheart, every single bag is so different from each other. Guess thats why they reach such a broad range of woman. I love them and so does my mom, and I just got my teenage niece one she is crazy for it. Very cool bag! :)

  • SC

    what a beautiful purse! you did it again Lockheart! I just love, love, love the details you put into your purses! so unique!

  • Jenna

    Although sewn with all sorts of fun and playful details, this bag exudes sophistication and grace! It is no wonder that this bag would fit nicely along side of Kate Hudson and Eva Longoria. I could see this bag being worn to a luncheon with the girls, maybe with a pair of ripped jeans, and an off-the shoulder t-shirt. I could also see it worn out to a romantic dinner, paired along side with a flirty black dress. The greatest thing about lockheart bags is their versatility; they can absolutely coordinate with every look!!

  • ottercat

    Copy and paste something like this.

    What a dreamy bag. I just love LOCKHEART bags and this beauty, available at Nordstrom, will work in well with my collection.

  • ottercat

    What a clunker.

  • Nickie

    I saw this beautiful bag in Las Vegas last weekend. The workmanship and details are absolutely flawless. I need this bag!