I’m more of a yoga mat strap person myself, but certainly there are a lot of people out there who use trendy bags to hoist their sweaty yoga mat home after class. Some of those bags are not so trendy, but that’s a discussion topic for another time. So when I spotted this LeSportsac Patent Asana Yoga Bag, I wondered, “Whatever happened to the age of the trendy yoga bags?” Like the age of the “it-bag,” that age that spawned the Fendi Spy and the Chloe Paddington, this one’s gone. In fact, this is one of only two yoga bags on ShopBop at the moment, both LeSportsac.

But I’m attracted to this one because frankly, the patent-finish nylon material looks so hardy, like it could withstand bunches. The LeSportsac nylon can boast that much, I know from experience and battered bags of the past, but this one just appears so futuristic and modern that really, what can’t it take on? It’s like the Borg from Star Trek. Ok, let’s just pretend I never said that and you can go back to pretending I’m a fashionable purse-lover and yoga practitioner instead of a geeky purse-lover and occasional yoga practitioner.

Really now, I’m quite attracted to this cylindrical cloth. You see, I tend to like Bikram Yoga performed in a hot room, and this material would definitely hide the ickiness of a sweaty mat, while it might not let it breathe. Plus, I just really like the look of black patent- on this and on the LeSportsac Black Patent Small Weekender. Buy through Shopbop for $62.

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  • Jane

    It’s a nice Yoga bag. I just bought the Yogoco Yoga bag from Yogoco. I love my bag, it is highly functional and eco-friendly. I bought the Buddha’s Garden, but they have many designs. http://www.yogoco.com

  • Don Mike Myers

    I’ve been looking for a Yoga Bag since last week. Am glad I’ve found your site. I think its quite affordable. Are there any colors available aside from black?

  • elyse

    if I did yoga this would be on my wishlist! (fb)

  • nYcBeLLA

    At last a design for our longer yoga mats and various prints to reflect my personality! Anyone who is a LeSportsac advocate knows that they last forever, and for the price and various prints to choose from, your confident this is a smart purchase! Thank goodness for print designers!! Keep ’em coming** :)