Alright, seeing as though it is November, I am actually confused as to why the Kate Spade Bow Tote is being offered over at Saks. It doesn’t take a handbag guru to look at this bag and realize that it does not fit into the season at hand. However, I am going to try and move on from how out of place this bag seems during this time of the year and actually just focus on the bag itself.

Kate Spade Bow Tote

This is exactly the kind of tote I would expect to see carried say, to the Hamptons or whilst yachting. Clearly, this large nylon tote would be perfect if you are heading somewhere that you need to pack a bunch of things, perhaps magazines, a bottle of water, sunscreen, etc. The blue color of the tote is wonderful however the bow, well, the bow I could do without. A preppy design topped off with a bow comes together to make a bag that isn’t for everyone. I am sure there is a specific taste that is needed to love this tote and well, I just don’t fall into that category. Yet, Kate Spade is certainly the kind of designer who knows how to properly execute the preppy look. Buy through Saks for $295.

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12 years ago

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