Juicy Couture China Tote

I have gone through phases of loving and disliking then loving Juicy Couture. But Juicy Couture realized they needed to reach out to the masses and they have. Long gone are the days of track suits only and here are the days of cute dresses, leather bags, and addictive charms. Amanda recently reviewed the Juicy Couture Queens Garden Tote which she liked but thought there was a bit too much going on.

I can see similar amounts of extras on the Juicy Couture China Tote but I am not feeling overwhelmed by it, I am actually really liking it. Sure there may be some extra thing-a-mabobbers, but overall this is a cool duffel bag design. The handheld duffel is making a massive comeback for fall, just check out the buzz surrounding the Alexander Wang Coco. Juicy Couture brings a fun option with the quilted panels and grommet detail. I will tell you what, I am totally digging it. What do you think? Buy through ShopBop for $328.

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