For those of you who work in the corporate world, you know that it can sometimes be tricky matching a nice handbag with your work place attire. With so many gorgeous handbags out there I love when I come across one that instantly reminds me of a perfect bag for the office. The J. Crew Marche Satchel is just this kind of bag.

J. Crew designers played off of some of their best selling bracelet designs to create the chain-link straps found on this bag. Adding leather to where you would rest the chains on your shoulder offer comfort and a nice contrast against the chains. The bag comes in this pink/salmon color as well as in a light brown/fawn color. Personally I would go for the salmon color as a great way to spruce up so many outfits. As you can see, there is an exterior front pocket that has a hidden magnet closure which is a great surprise. Sure the bag is simplistic in nature, but there are times when simplicity is a welcomed addition. Buy through J. Crew for $248.

Sweet Summertime

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