I had a bit of a conniption over Coach’s heavy-handed use of gold sequins a few months ago, but now my eyes have been opened and all has been forgiven. On the department store shelves where that awful bag once sat, we now have surprisingly beautiful blue concoctions like the Coach Poppy Sequin Disco Bag.

I really want to dislike this bag and the others in the same color, but I just can’t. I’ve seen them repeatedly at various shops, and I find myself drawn to the deep blue color over and over again. When sequins are employed judiciously and in regal, sophisticated colors, there’s no reason they can’t be beautiful, even from a brand that many people dismiss as juvenile. The way that these blue bags in particular sparkle and catch the light is massively appealing in person, so much so that I can barely remember that whole gold sequin mistake. Buy through Nordstrom for $148.

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  • Mochababe73

    I saw the tote in person, and I immediately knew that I had to have it. Unfortunately, rent and utilities take precedence. The blue is so pretty in person. I would wear it every single day.

  • Chris

    Indeed a very very cute bag.


    The bag is super cute and Coach does do Sequin well..

  • Erin

    The gaudy plate with the childish lettering ruins it for me.

  • James

    Get ready to see more sequined “Glam” bags I call them. They were quite prevalent in the fall market (most without logos Erin) – but this is Coach so it must scream “Coach” so all will know – lol. I’m with Amanda, I too used to hate them but they somehow work again!. This one is cute!

  • Lorie

    Love the bag! Hate the plate. But more than that, I HATE that the word “disco” is attached to such a cute bag. Just brings up images of the 70s and skeeves me out.

  • Amber

    I think the difference is also in the size. Sequins in small amounts arent so bad. But the humongous spotlight bag with 3 pounds of sequins… now thats too much.

  • t

    cute for a child

  • Utena

    I love the Glam bags! (yes I have the 3 pounder in silver and it’s not for the faint of heart!) I’m on my way to my local Coach store to pick up an order and I think I might take a peek at this one. This one is cute and I am most definitely not a child.