This is truly a type of handbag I’d like to see more of. I am satisfied enough with what I see to place it in the “winner” category, but I am also a bit eager to see it in person (which admittedly I have not done yet). This is the kind of bag that I took a look at and instantly wanted to know more about. I am always intrigued by lesser known designers and have a soft spot for them in my heart. I mean, even Chanel was a lesser known designer way back when.

Great by Sandie Chirla Tassel Bag

So, what is it about the Great by Sandie Chirla Tassel Bag that has lured me in? At first glance I was sure that it was a clutch. While the name of the bag didn’t go with my initial thought, once I read about it a bit more I realized that there is a detachable wrist and shoulder strap. Meaning, carry this as an oversized wallet, clutch or cross-body bag. As you know, being a clutch lover myself, I would opt for the clutch carrying option.

The pebbled leather is beautiful. I love the color; I imagine the texture to be soft and supple; the tassel pulls really add just the right finishing touch. While the V zipper detail might be hit or miss, I for one like it. You don’t see this kind of detailing often and I am all for a bag that is just a bit different. The only thing is that I am not quite sure it would be a part of my Fall repertoire. However, it would be a great clutch to offer a bit of color to the winter months. Buy through Shopbop for $372.

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  • stella fleuret

    The leather does look nice, and I love its versatility. But appearance wise, I’m not so sure. The zipper detail IS a miss for me. And as much as I love versatility in bags, this one just doesn’t do it for me. I’m sorry.

  • fabuloso onarar de posarjais y ssescr con cubscre cuirazev. lilos a rarecocos y nemil imestar con timer urismo!