I appreciate organization. That’s not to say that I’m very good at it – my apartment gives most of my friends a headache, but there’s a theory to the chaos – I know exactly where everything is. Well, except my Blackberry, on occasion. But it’s usually just in one of my cup holders in my car, and not actually lost in my apartment, so that totally doesn’t count!

Anyway. I digress. Organization in design is an important trait, and the reason I’m kind of fond of the Great by Sandi Tal Suede Fringe Tote is because it’s a bit more orderly than your average fringe bag.

Great by Sandi Tal Suede Fringe Tote

I always likes bags like these better when the fringe is attached at both ends. Instead of being loose and tangled, the fringe stays as it was intended, and the bag looks a bit more tailored than similar ones where the fringe is loose. The fringe embellishment retains all the movement and texture of its loose counterpart, but it’s slightly less messy. Buy through ShopBop for $578.

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  • Anna

    This is a very exciting bag! I agree with you about the fringe being attached at both ends… and because this fringe is so large, the loopiness is a must. I love seeing grey fringe, too- it’s a rarity.