At first, I didn’t even want to write about the Cleobelle Nevaeh Drawstring Bag. I saw it and immediately dismissed it – after a certain point, writing yet another post about how much I hate neo-hippie crap isn’t even fun anymore, which is sad, because writing about stuff you hate is a lot easier than writing about stuff you like, trust me.

But then…I looked harder…and maybe this isn’t neo-hippie crap after all? Is that possible? I mean, it’s definitely neo-hippie, but is it possible that it’s simultaneously well-edited and kind of…nice? All of this is kind of painful to admit, but I’m going to do my best after the jump.

Cleobella Nevaeh Drawstring Bag

Don’t get me wrong – this bag is still a bit much. The combination of the drawstring gathers and the all-over studding is not something that I would sign up for, and I think that the studs could have been arranged in a way that does more to work with the bag’s structure. But other than that, my criticisms are few. I wouldn’t buy it, but I could see it being carried very stylishly by a girl with a more boho sense of personal style.

I think the key to my lack of hatred is that the studs are the only visual interest. They’re not shiny, and they’re not layered on top of pattern, patchwork, or any other thoroughly objectionable foundation material. It’s just black leather and studs, done in a way that will appeal to those that may not be digging the industrial looks that usually come with the combination of those two materials. And it could be a lot worse. Buy through ShopBop for $485.

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