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  • Gorgeous blue colour. It looks luscious.

  • Karina

    Could you add some modelling shots to show how the bag looks when filled with everyday belongings? It looks very work appropriate and understatedly chic.

  • oui

    I have a love-hate relationship with the accordion like sides.
    Small things get stuck/jammed inside it without me noticing, sometimes it’s even in the middle of the fold, rather than at the bottom of the bag. The nice thing is, I like finding “additional” money. Sometimes coin sometimes folded paper money. :)

  • Jess

    It’s a bit too structured for me. I have just changed careers from conservative office to working in a hospital in scrubs so that’s definitely had an influence on the type of bags I buy. Also the price of this… just doesn’t seem justified. But it is a beautiful bag and if it was cheaper I would probably have one by now :)

  • lavinia

    it’s a wonderful bag to look at but not to be carried…it’s really HEAVY. I wonder what they think when they create a bag, just imagine and beauty?

    • The original version was super heavy – this one isn’t double leather lined which makes it lighter. Did you try this one out

      • Sparkletastic

        Good to know that removing the heavier lining makes a difference. I’ve been eyeballing the bag but have never pulled the trigger due to worries about the weight.

      • lavinia

        Good to know! thanks for sharing.

  • Sara

    This bag is the reason I would never buy a Birkin. It’s so much nicer, neater and more subtle. I’ll have money left over to buy it in more colours :-)

    • Dani

      100% agree. Of all the aspiring Birkins this one is by far the best, and I personally think it surpasses the Birkin practically and aesthetically. It is so much nicer and I honestly I think it is more sophisticated. And for 10k less.

      • Sara

        Agreed. It oozes sophistication!

    • Margaretdjones3

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    • Lisa

      Also a lot more user-friendly in terms of easy access. Haven’t bought one yet but I agree, that color makes it really special.

    • Maya

      Couldn’t agree more!!

    • anon

      Also, you could even splurge and get an more unique fabric or an exotic an still save a ton of money than you would getting a standard leather birkin:)

    • Sonia

      I can see myself carrying this style and possibly this color. It’s stunning and class at the same time. I never craved a Birkin; I could never justify the cost. But, this bag proves it would definitely fit both my lifestyle and budget.

  • seres

    SDJ had me at ‘earth brown’ and i am trying to limit myself to one … but this bleu clair is soon tempting.

  • Mer

    The SDJ wiyld be perfect with a smooth leather lining. Most of the bags used to have a suede lining, recently some got a fabric lining. Which lining does this version have? It looks like leather?

    • Casey

      Instead of having a lining, the bag is constructed from a double sided leather. So two thin layers of leather are bonded together, which gives the material more structure without adding any weight. So you can technically say it’s leather lined, but it’s also kind of an “unlined” style.

  • Lily

    Now, that is a gorgeous shade of blue. It highlights the the structure of the Sac De Jour beautifully.

    Just out of curiosity…. did YSL make the SDJ lighter, recently? I remember the Small size weighing around 4-5 pounds, while empty.

    • leechiyong

      I think they recently removed the internal leather lining, which lightened it up.

      • Yes, this is correct. It’s not nearly as heavy as the earlier versions

      • Lily

        Wow, that is incredible! Guess, I will check it out in stores again. Always loved how understated, and elegant the SDJ is.

        I am so impressed that more designers are listening to customer feedback, about their purses and other leather goods. First, Givenchy lengthened the shoulder strap of the small Antigona. Now, YSL make the SDJ lighter.

    • LC

      holy 4-5 lbs while empty!!!??

  • Maya

    Own one since it came out, never looked back!

    • Which size did you get?

      • Maya

        I did get the large, it is quite heavy but I love it! Very tempted by a Baby-sized one with the strap!

  • ElainePG

    I bought the original one (size small) with the suede lining last spring, and although I love the style I must say: It. Is. HEAVY!!! I don’t carry it as often as I ought to, considering how gorgeous is it, because of the weight. I’m glad they’ve made the bag more user friendly, but I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself… maybe I need to start working out with weights???

  • Pamela

    Such a pretty bag! Love it

  • Lindsay

    My BF bought me this bag last summer and I adore iti! Really sophisticated and the quality is top notch! The strap is helpful as well.

  • FashionableLena

    I wish that it didn’t have that divider. I like an open bag. Love the color.

    • You can take out divider, easily. It’s attached with two buttons. Moreover divider can be used as a pouch independently.

  • Liora Reznichenko

    SO glad you did a post on the SDJ! I recently purchased one and LOVE how structured and luxurious it looks AND feels. I will say, it is a tad on the heavy side but the positives of this beauty outweigh this one negative. And completely agree that in life, some bags do not measure up to their beauty when seen online (in my opinion, this is true of the Chloe Drew).

  • Anthony Newbill

    This purse is nice, wish I cam across this blog earlier. I did purchase a purse for my girlfriend from Story Leather because she wanted one in a certain leather color and I wound up there, because they allowed her to customize it. Just a lil pricey LOL but this purse is the color she wanted.

  • Beautyhappenings

    Have this in the nano navy blue and I absolutely love it! So handy and looks so classy anytime with anything :)

  • khm

    I bought my large Sac de Jour in early 2014 and so it is a heavier version but it is also one of the bags for which I receive the most compliments!! My nano version is great as well and of course much lighter! One thing I just wanted to add to the discussion is how much I have enjoyed the YSL bags in general over the past few years … Before my SDJs, I had just the pre-Hedi Y shoulder bag, but now I have the Universite bag and the tote – their totes are SO great, soft like Celine, and the colors are beautiful…they are doing the best job with their bags and the prices are still pretty decent.

  • Dwightinha

    Could not agree more that this bag is much prettier up close in real life than in pictures. Maybe that’s why I waited until autumn 2015 to buy mine. It suddenly grew on me. A black embossed Croc in size small with silver hardware simply took me by surprise, and I had to have it. Never regretted it. I would not mind a Birkin, but to be honest the Sac de Jour is a much more sophisticated bag. Very structured and oozes luxe. Mine is lined with suede leather, but I would never call it heavy. I find YSL to be on the right track design wise these days, and shortly after I bought the Sac de Jour I also bought the Chevron quilted large “college” bag. I have never used any other bag as much as the latter one. They can both take a beating, weather wise, scratches, marks from rain or snow does not show.

  • LC

    very nice. but how would you compare this to the Prada Saffiano? they look almost identical but the Prada is slightly cheaper..

  • Lisa

    I feel like this bag is more trendy and youthful than a Birkin, plus it’s like 80% less expensive! Even the crocodile version is 80% less expensive!

    Marina Brumbaugh would love this.

  • Yijing He

    the baby size released in 2016 has an interior an interior center zip compartment

  • Som-Suwadee

    I am looking to buy one off of pre-owned market, do you guys think that it is over and ridden out? Can it become my forever bag for years to come?