I try not to be overly negative about any fashion piece; I know that my taste is not for everyone, and the same can be said for anyone else’s. I appreciate the chances that designers take, and when I’m being more critical, it’s typically over the price and quality. Of course, there are plenty of items I don’t appreciate on an aesthetic level, but I try not to make it a focus on this site.

Moschino doesn’t shy away from getting people talking. In creative director Jeremy Scott’s short tenure with the brand, he’s already released a McDonald’s-inspired line, super quirky iPhone cases (which I love!) and a series of bags that look like iconic jackets. Now Moschino is taking the jacket bags one step further with a T-shirt bag.

Moschino T-Shirt Bag 1

I never wanted to carry one of the jacket bags, but I much prefer it over this t-shirt bag. The good: the bag is made of great leather. The bad: everything else. Not only do I not love the bag, I feel like it would be so uncomfortable to carry on your shoulder, with the stiff “shirt sleeves” poking you as you try to get in and out of it. The price of the bag is $1,495 via Net-a-Porter.

But, as I said when I started, what I like and what others like can be two very different things. So I turn to you, dear readers: would you ever carry this Moschino bag?

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  • E Cooper

    Sorry, but anyone carrying this would look like a fool.

  • kindled

    I actually like this as a fun novelty piece, kind of like impractical little clutches that look like other things. I wouldn’t buy it, but there are a lot of non-funky pieces that I wouldn’t buy either, and I like that someone is totally going for it.

  • Stephanie


  • KloeF

    No. Just no. Is it different? sure. But ‘different’ doesn’t warrant forgoing beautiful or at least pretty… not for me at least!

  • PJGambler

    Would never wear it- not even for free……

  • Guest

    It’s such a waste of leather. someone please come get Jeremy Scott.

  • Nancy

    I get the feeling that Moschino is meant to appeal to teenagers who don’t have any fashion sense yet.

  • Mel

    NO. Moschino is getting on my last nerves with all the ridiculous designs Jeremy Scott is doing.

    • Mya Wilkes

      Lol. I feel you girl!

  • Redseouls B

    Only if they paid me a butt load of money!!

  • Bipasha

    No way in this world!!!!

  • Sandy

    No, just no…not even if it were given to me!

  • Daisy

    The main problem I have with it is not really design but functionality. As you said, it really does look uncomfortable to sling on an arm.

  • JaneH

    You just know all the bloggers are going to. But for me, no thanks.

  • FashionableLena

    What a waste of gorgeous leather. If this had been a canvas tote, I would love it. It’s too stiff.

  • bagsluv

    Seriously the ugliest bag I have ever seen!

  • cbl


  • OverAnalyst

    Utterly ridiculous.

  • Maya

    …answer is no…

  • mary

    swag =D

  • Nappy

    The problem here lies not in the bag itself but in the perceptiion of the people to the designer who made it. I mean, Jeremy Scott is known as a bad boy, a weirdo if you will, in the fashion set. So you have problems with this bag. But erase the moschino branding, replace it with a double C and a Karl Lagerfeld affinity to it and it will be seen with fresh eyes. I mean, everybody scoffed at the Canvas graffitti backpack and the $4000 price tag, but everybody clamored for it. Everybody wanted it and it fetched good money on ebay. It was practically the bag of the year.

    Just being real

    • Mya Wilkes

      How can you compare the Chanel graffiti backpack to this atrocity??!! Fine, the graffiti backpack might not have been to some peoples tastes, but remove the graffiti and the strings and what you have is still a nice and simple backpack. But this Moschino bag is an outright mess! Most peoples grouse with the graffiti backpack was the price point and I fully agree about that but the main point is that a good number will actually carry the graffiti backpack if it were more affordable. This Moschino on the other hand is bloody ugly; its so bogus and looks uncomfortable to carry. Most wont carry this even if it was free!

    • Agreed, Jeremy gets a bad rep so no one is checking for the bag. I love this, it’s quirky and funny and unique.

  • Amazona

    I might. If I was going to a masquerade with an 80’s theme. And the bag cost no more than 5€. Anything more than that, no way.

  • KG

    The sad thing is a cow died for this…..

  • Melody

    OMG yucks

  • I would get this bag, I think it’s unique and stylish and it has a true European sense of humour. Not all bags need to be so serious all the time.

  • Jenee Edwards

    Yes I would I think its too cute you can’t worry about that others like and don’t like as long as you like it. I love unique things and this is one of them. Can’t say I hate it its just too cute to. When it comes to style the word itself doesn’t consist of just one name brand color price value etc., style consists of so many different things…I respect anyone’s opinion on anything but when it comes to me when I like something there is no changing my mind. Have a blessed Day…….Sincerely Author JME

  • Chérie Lee White

    For the love of things different, much like myself.

    Not only would I,but I will be, only mine is in black.

    I`ll be 50 in December and I LOVE the motorcycle collection, and I`ll rock my handbag with pride and confidence.

    To each is own-right?