When I fall in love with a handbag, it’s not just one element of a design that I fall for. It has to be a culmination of details that turn a handbag from something I like to something I decide to purchase and bring home with me. After I buy a handbag, I can tell in a few wears if the design will work well for me and my lifestyle. When good design meets personal style, a bag usually becomes a staple in my collection.

A few weeks ago I naively embarked on what was supposed to be an innocent visit to my Louis Vuitton boutique. One of my LV bags is showing some signs of wear on the monogram and I wanted a sales associate to take a look at the canvas for me. I set out to the boutique with absolutely no intention of purchasing anything new, but my SA happened to pull out a Pochette Métis in reverse monogram during my visit to the store. I impulsively purchased the handbag on the spot, not thinking twice before swiping my card. The reverse canvas is my favorite and I had been wanting this bag for months, if not years, and I knew I had to have it.

I try not to make impulsive purchases at that price point very often, but the caveat with my reverse monogram Pochette Métis wasn’t the fact that I bought it without thinking twice, but that I already own a Pochette Métis in the classic monogram. After processing my pricey impulse purchase during the car ride home, I told myself that I would sell one of them since I didn’t need two Pochette Métis bags.

When I got home I put them side by side to choose which one I liked more. The problem? I like them both too much to let one go. The Pochette Métis is easily one of the most used bags in my collection, so why not add another? I decided to keep them both and so far I’ve been rotating between the two quite often, proving I had a space in my wardrobe for each of them. Despite being the same design, the colors of the monogram are different enough to make the bag feel unique in their own right.

This isn’t my first time purchasing multiple colors of the same item, I own the Neverfull MM in multiple canvases. I don’t think this will be the last time either. This may appear overly indulgent or boring to some, but I choose to look at it from another approach. If I know a bag works for me and my needs, why not purchase it in multiple colors?

What about you? Do you own bags in multiple colors?

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